The confusions it sure looks like the confusions but it sound more acoustic

The Soldier does not make light of the desperate situation. His name is not Pollyanna. But he remembers the words of Jesus: “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.” The Soldier will not refuse a hearty meal, but he will not grumble if he has to fast. The Soldier is filled with thymos: his eyes narrow and look to the horizon; his nostrils flare and his heart beats with excitement; he sings Rise Up, O Men of God ; he craves honor, most of all the honor of the Church; he does not care who calls him a fool. He is immensely attractive and wins the respect even of his enemies. He brings both men and women into the Church without that being his principal aim, because it is sweeter to spend one day in the field with the Soldier than a thousand in the halls of the wealthy, the powerful, the timid, the faithless, and the mad.

Not only it is illegal in JSON and not needed , it actually breaks all software that determine the encoding using the method presented in RFC 4627 :

As you may have already surmised, the “gold” version, with its purity and higher CBD concentration, also comes with the highest price tag; however, it still remains the most sought after and holds the highest market demand.

I just don’t understand… Why not be honest with each other? In the name of humanity!
I mean… No one like being hurt, but sometimes… It hurts less when a guy who keep ignoring you just tells you … That he’s busy with his life and there’s no place for you.. It hurts less! Because it’s once and for all. And you’re done. You can recover, move on.
But when a guy ignores you but still sometimes reply that he’s busy, got serious problems …
Without explaining anything. Without asking how are you doing… That’s just wrong!
Especially when a guy can see clearly that she’s worried and she cares about him.
The perfect answer I ever got was that he’s just switching off sometimes.
But he want me in his life. Then he’s ignoring me again. But got time to change a profile pic, got time to check Instagram photos.. But he hasn’t got time to reply.
I’m a very patient person, but so very intense…
And emotional. Easy to hurt. And I can’t even say anything about his ignoring me because when i do that it pushes him more further. But I just can’t take it no more.
He wasn’t like that. I don’t know him long enough… But I know he’s a shy and private person? Afraid to get close to anyone. With trust issues, and bad habits.
But I’ve accepted all his weirdness, I was patient, I was kind.
But all I got was words like he doesn’t need anybody.
And he assures me that I don’t need him. And he’s not good for me.
Well that’s great. But why he decides what’s best for me? Bullshit.
The real meaning of words like that is that I’m not good for him. He had fun, liked my company, but he doesn’t care enough. He needs to focus on his life. And I’m no longer fun cause I have expectations. So I end up hoping I’ll hear from him again… And I still try to make him text me … But it’s not going to happen. The truth is, if he’d wanted it … He would do it cause he used to. An now … Well, I guess for him long term friends lasts no longer than 6 months. Before even getting to know me well.
I fell broken. I’d rather get a text with a goodbye than no answer or lies instead.

“If I were” is more for situations when you are imagining things, usually followed by a sentence on what you would do in that situation.

From the creative team who took you to Neverland in last years smash hit Peter Pan, follow us this Christmas down the Yellow Brick Road for a pantomime version of the classic story The Wizard of Oz. Packed full of modern songs, dances, hilarious characters, special effects and magic, be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

This 2013 movie repeatedly implies that Keanu Reeves character can't be a samurai because he's a half-breed. Yet during that time period only samurai were allowed to have swords and knives. A peasant could be killed on the spot for possessing a sword and we are repeatedly told that his character, Kai, is the son of a British sailor and a peasant. I'm not saying that there wasn't and isn't prejudice against mixed race persons in Japan, but that class was an important factor during the Tokugawa period. Kai was of the peasant class through his mother.

The Confusions It Sure Looks Like The Confusions But It Sound More AcousticThe Confusions It Sure Looks Like The Confusions But It Sound More AcousticThe Confusions It Sure Looks Like The Confusions But It Sound More AcousticThe Confusions It Sure Looks Like The Confusions But It Sound More Acoustic